Kisszékely is the 4th most beautifully located village in Hungary

Posted on 10/20/2016

Gyulaj Zrt (Gyulaj Hunting Hungary) is very proud that Kisszékely village became the 4th most beautifully located village of Hungary according to the Origo's online voting competition. By the readers' votes the most beautifully located Hungarian village is Súr (North-West Hungary), followed by Császártöltés (South Hungary), Feked and Kisszékely in South-West Hungary. The 4th placed Kisszékely received only a few hundred votes less than the second and third place village. Gyulaj Hunting Hungary has its own hunting lodge and the famous Kisszékely Hunting Ground with its beautiful approx. 6.500 hectares hunting ground around the small village. Congratulations for the beloved Kisszékely and hope more and more hunting clients will enjoy the beautiness of the natural environment and the location of the village!

English language article of the online competition:'s English article

The Kisszékely Hunting Lodge next to Kisszékely village

Kisszékely fallow bucks  Kisszékely Hunting Lodge of Gyulaj Plc (ariel view)