Wild Boar Hunting


Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's  experts and professionals have been laying big emphasis on supporting and developing of wild boar population for many decades. The result of this: nowadays Gyulaj's bagged wild boar tusks rise big echoes among the national and international hunter groups all over the world. The latest  evidence that our wild boar population has world class quality is the fact that the new No.1 (world's record) wild boar trophy was taken on our hunting ground by an US hunter from Oregon. The stunning trophy achieved a new record high score - 31 9/16 SCI - becoming the the #1 both on the overall and method (rifle) ranklist.  The hunters got richer by unforgettable hunting memories of these trophies. No doubt about the greatness of the Gyulaj’s wild boar stock but if any questions would appaer about it the hunting results give the answers: the 4th and 9th place of the Hungarian rank list belongs to two killed Hőgyész tuskers.

We have client-groups have been coming back for driven hunts to Gyulaj's territories for more than 11 years. They tried many firms and hunting grounds in Central-Europe, but they choosed us and they have been choosing us for this long time year after year.  They know: there is no better choice for driven hunts than Gyulaj! What more do we need to say to make You sure that the best choice for both individual and group wild boar driven hunts is Gyulaj's hunting territories and enclosures? Book now with your friends and business partner for an exciting and unforgettable wild boar driven hunt!

Recently our hunting grounds are guaranteed ASF (African Swine Fever) free areas. Gyulaj Zrt. works hard to prevent this fatal disease spreading on its own areas, working together with the local and county veterinarian authorities.

  's (Safari Club International) current Eurasian wild boar ranklist:

Hungarian Ranklist:

4. Place      2004.     Hőgyész              25, 50 cm             140, 85 IP

9. Place      2004.     Hőgyész              25, 55 cm             136, 00 IP

An excellent result of a driven wild boar hunt at Gyulaj Hunting Hungary


Wild boar driven hunt at Gyulaj Hunting Hungary - success and unforgettable experience

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