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Tamási Forestry Office:

Address: Gyulaj Zrt. - Tamási Erdészet

Szabadság u. 27., TAMASI, H-7090, Hungary (EU)

Tel:  (0036) 74/573-940

Fax: (0036) 74/473-985

e-mail: tamasi at gyulajzrt.hu


The Tamási Forestry of Gyulaj Co manages the woodlands on about 7.800 hectares (~19.300 acres) in the middle of Tolna county. This forestry pratices forest management on the biggest, continuous forest land in entire Tolna county. The quality of the woodstands is good. The relief is really various with many NW-SE direction valleys and hills. The elevation of the territory is between 110m and 296m. Some slopes are 20-30% steep. The parent rock is loess with 1-10 metres thickness of layer. On it the evolved soil type is one of the most important forest soil types, the brown forest soil. On the forestry's land area the 80% of the soil is the brown forest soil. The main stands are the turkey oak- sessile oak stands. But the black locust and red oak stands are also common here. Besides these stands some downy oak and mixed turkey oak stands with manna /flowering ash. On the falt areas and small plateaus the main  stands are the pure turkey oak stands and a few pure sessile oak stands. The typical climate of this area is mainly  continental affected climate. The prevailing wind is north- northwestern. 

The forestry manages a ~ 7.600 hectares (~18.800 acres) hunting ground with really special function considering the legendary local fallow deer population.

This area is home of the legendary Gyulaj fallow deer population, what has given 5 world record trophies to the hunting world already. Besides the fallow deer the forestry has excellent wild boar population and nice red deer population as well.

The annual game harvest at Tamási Forestry is about 900 fallow deers, 50 red deers and 350 wild boars. 

Palánki Gábor

Forestry Director
Tamási Forestry

Attila Kárász

Forestry Technical Manager

Ákos Bús

Wood use technical manager