"Szentkút" Shack

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During the construction of the Annafürdő Tourist & Nature Education Centre we realized that besides the renewing of the old buildings we could set an example for the following generation how to use modern environment friendly technologies combined with the traditional architecturel methods. The first step was to choose the right place and building to genuinely represent how to renew an old, dying building. That is how we found this old building in really bad conditions. The place and building seemed to be perfect for our goals; there was no eletricity at all and no connection to the public drinking water network accordingly there was no connection to the sewage disposal and drainage network either. Now, as the results of the eco- development we are able to provide constant electricity by a nearby wind turbine and batteries, hot running water powered by solar thermal collectors placed on the roof and solar cell batteries, and waste water treatment and cleaning by a special, local natural system called "reed bed sewage treatment system". The new destination of this building is to represent how easy to live a life in harmony with the nature and natural systems to leave as small ecological footprint as possible. Besides of the used green technologies we would like to show the advantages of the ancient, traditional Hungarian types of fruits such as their resistivity against the recent diseases. 

Thinking of the gastronomy as well combined with local traditions we built an indoor beehive oven to give an opprotunity for our Clients to have some fresh, real home made traditional Hungarian bread. Besides the bread there is great opportunity to have home made and cooked meals such as special soups cooked in special jars of clay on traditional open air fire. 

Close to the shack many things to visit. Our Clients can easily approach and visit the ancient ruins of "Lengyel mud- fortress". An ancient local and extinct culture built it what archeologists call "Lengyel culture". They estimate it as old as the "Hallstatt culture" from the 8th to 6th centuries BC (European Early Iron Age). Some say the Lengyel culture was a part of the Eastern Hallstatt culture zone.

Also interesting destination can be the "Papd forest chapel". This small and beautiful forest chapel is far from any villages, located in a picturesque valley with surrounding woods. This chapel is a memorial of an old, already non-existant village used to called "Papd". The village became uninhabited and vanished in the Ottoman age by their enslavement.

This region is rich in network of hiking trails as well. For the ones who prefer to use bikes for hiking we  are able to provide 25 bikes by our rent-a-bike service.

The lodging and accommodation can be provided in tents as a wild camping just by the shack on the yard of it or in the much more comfortable Annafürdő Guest House and Forest School building.