Red Stag Hunting

RED DEER (we have only free range stags!)

  It gives very good reputation to Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's professional red deer management that the last few years many excellent red stag trophies have been bagged on its hunting grounds. The heaviest red stag antlers of 2005 season in entire Hungary also was shot on our Hőgyész Hunting Ground.

When the experts discuss about the Hungarian red deer population they always mention the Hőgyész Hunting Ground. This mainly woodland habitat is home for a red deer population with such prime aptitude and high- quality trophies that the experts deservedly call it one of the best red deer hunting grounds in Hungary. This small village was even mentioned in the 12th century's royal correspondes as a great place of professional hunters, mainly ermine hunters. The percebtage of forest cover of this area was nearly 90% at that time providing great habitat for the big games, especially for the red deer.

In the Ottoman age the Hőgyész area became uninhabited. Later on the area was reintroduced with Germans, Czechs and Hungarians. They established their own traditions in the agriculture, forest  and wildlife management. This fortunate mixture of different traditions support the local red deer population to become one of the best in the country. In the 16th-17th centuries the local professionals did special wildlife management, they built enclosures and fences on more than 1.000 hectares (~2.500 acres). They also trapped red deers alive and bartered them to red deers from other territories developing the local, typical Hőgyész trophy, antler type. The typical Hőgyész- type antlers are wide spreaded with massive circumference of beams and long main beams with few tines and points in general. The most famous and legendary representative of the local antler type is the 1930 "Hőgyész- Hungarian Ox" which is a legendary, extremely widespreaded antlers red stag bagged by a British client. The weight of that trophy was 10,60kg but the spread was almost humansize. The trophy still can be visited in the Hungarian National Museum, Budapest. To see a picture of it please click here.

Our best trophies in last decades

Season Hunting ground 24hrs trophy weight Score
2002. Bikács-Kistápé 14.20 kg -
2005. Hőgyész 13.80 kg 239,22 IP
2005. Hőgyész 13.50 kg 234,84 IP
2010. Hőgyész 13.46 kg 225,85 IP
2014. Hőgyész 12.45 kg 216,41 IP
2015. Bikács-Kistápé 11.56 kg 217,37 IP
2016. Hőgyész 10.77 kg 223,24 IP
2017. Hőgyész 11.27 kg 224,61 IP
2017. Bikács-Kistápé 12.48 kg 229,59 IP
2017. Kisszékely 13.21 kg 241,62 IP
2019. Hőgyész  12.38 kg 244 IP
2020. Hőgyész 11.78 kg 231,29 IP
2022. Hőgyész 12.01 kg 226 IP

Would you like to see  a raw footage of a legendary Hőgyész stag in rut? Click here!


             2005.- 13, 50 kg- 234, 84 IP                 Trophy Exhibition of 2010 stag season

                                                                                                          at Óbiród Hunting Lodge


September, 2011 - Wonderful free range stags in 2011 season too

September, 2010 - A succesful stalking in Hőgyész Hunting Ground

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