Our Hunting Grounds

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Hungary is a top-ranking country among those that practice traditional wildlife management in Europe. It's world-known hunting achievements, and outstanding trophies have mainly been provided by the state owned hunting grounds where activities are carried out matching the highest standard. Such is the case of Gyulaj Forestry & Hunting Zrt. (~Gyulaj Hunting Hungary) which, as a follower of a century-old heritage in keeping the forests and all wildlife in harmony, now manages four hunting grounds and does so at a world-famous level. All four of these hunting grounds have unique and excellent features for hunting. What could be better proof for this than the numerous world-record fallow buck trophies that have already given the Gyulaj fallow deer population a great name, or the outstanding yearly amount of high quality wild boar tuskers, or the red deer trophies of considerable weight taken every year.

Gyulaj Zrt. as a state owned hunting and forestry company manages the wildlife in four different hunting grounds in 28.540 hectares (~70.550 US acres) in Tolna county, Hungary.


Gyulaj Hunting Ground:

One of the oldest and most famous fallow deer preserve and hunting paradise in Europe. The home of the world record fallow buck trophies. The forest coverage is around 90% on this 7.577 hectares (~18.750 US acres) hunting ground. Because of its national wildlife reservation character the entire hunting ground is closed around by fence keeping and protecting this unique and world famous fallow deer stock. Beside the fallow deers we have nice population of red deers and wild boars as well. Gyulaj Zrt runs an enclosure on this hunting ground too for the winter driven hunts. Of course the main attraction is the fallow buck rutting season in October here, but the September red stag season also can give unforgettable hunting memories to the clients.

Annual big game harvest: 150 fallow bucks (very high % of medal award trophies), in the October rutting time 70% of taken fallow bucks are awarded with medals and 10-15 ones are awarded with gold medals, 400 fallow deer does and fawns, 150 wild boars, 10 red stags and 20 red deer hinds and calves.

One of the best offers are the October fallow buck rutting time and wild boar driven hunt combined with fallow deer doe & fawn hunting.

Among our hunting grounds the best known is the Gyulaj fallow deer reserve where four fallow bucks with world-record size trophies have been harvested in past years. Both the high-seat hunting in the picturesque October forest and the winter tracking provide unforgettable memories of a very unique atmosphere that can not be compared to anything to the hunter choosing this site. The majority of the bucks harvested in October receive medal awards so the hunters who hunt during this time get beautifully coloured trophies with wide palms and nice snags. One of the nicest trophies from the last few years weighed 5.65 kg. We also organize excellent hunts for red deer hinds & calves, fallow deer does & fawns as well as driven hunts for wild boars.

Some remarkable fallow buck trophies of the last few years from Gyulaj Hunting Ground:

2005. Gyulaj                5, 65 kg             215, 24 IP

2005. Gyulaj                5, 42 kg             207, 50 IP


Hőgyész Hunting Ground:

One of the best hunting grounds in Hungary for taking monster free range red stags and geting exciting memories in winter wild boar driven hunts. When you talk about Hungarian red deers, don't forget the name: Hőgyész. This mainly woodland habitat is home for a red deer population with such prime aptitude and high-quality trophies that the experts deservedly call it one of the best red deer hunting grounds in Hungary. Every year numerous trophies exceed 10 kg in weight and the mean of the thirty stags harvested here reaches 8 kg. The nicest antlers from the last few years surpassed even the rarely dreamed of 13 kg-mark on the scale! The fame of Hőgyész is further polished by the legendary wild boar driven hunts and the record size wild boar tusks as well.

The forest coverage is about 70-75% on this beautiful hilly estate which is a 8.336 hectares big area (~20.600 US acres). The most famous big games are the red deer and wild boar. The population of these are well known among the international red deer hunters both from Europe and USA. In the 2005 red stag season the heaviest red stag trophy in Hungary was taken on our Hőgyész hunting ground by a German client. One of the first enclosure (low fenced area specially designed and built for wild boar driven hunts) in Hungary was built here, so now we can say we have more than 20 years experience in serving international hunters’ requirements regarding wild boar hunting as well. In less number and quality but we have nice population of fallow deer and roe deer too.

Annual big game harvest: 40-50 red stags (some of them with more than 10 kg trophy weight!), 150 red deer hinds and calves, 500-800 wild boars (most of them hunted in enclosures) and 20-25 roe bucks. The main attraction of this estate is the September red stag rutting time and the winter wild boar driven hunt with sometimes more than 200+ taken wild boars on a hunting day.In our Hőgyész enclosures we are able to provide driven hunts with high percentage of tuskers of the daily final hunting bag. The driven hunt season is from November to February.

Some excellent tuskers of the last few years from Hőgyész Hunting Ground

2004. Hőgyész     25, 50 cm   140, 85 IP (4. place of the Hungarian CIC Ranklist)

2004. Hőgyész     25, 55 cm   136, 00 IP (9. place of the Hungarian CIC Ranklist)


Some excellent stags of the last few years from Hőgyész Hunting Ground

 2005. Hőgyész     13, 80 kg    239, 22 IP

 2005. Hőgyész     13, 50 kg    234, 84 IP

 2010. Hőgyész     13, 46 kg    225, 85 IP

 2019. Hőgyész     12, 38 kg    244, 00 IP

 2020. Hőgyész     11, 78 kg    231, 29 IP

 2022. Hőgyész     12, 01 kg    226, 00 IP


Pincehely and Németkér Hunting Grounds:

Pincehely Forestry’s two hunting grounds are well-known for their nice free range population of fallow and roe deers but the numerous and excellent looking red stags and the successful wild boar driven hunts are also notes of a great area. The two different hunting grounds are 12.627 hectares altogether (~31.200 US acres). Each year the hunters take some fallow bucks with trophies over 5 kg and some red stags with over 10 kg trophy weight here. The spring-summer hunts for roe bucks also have a really good atmosphere.

Some excellent fallow bucks of the last few years from  Pincehely and Németkér Hunting Grounds

2007. Pincehely   5, 27 kg

2007. Pincehely   4, 73 kg

2008. Pincehely   4, 75 kg

2010. Pincehely   5, 05 kg

2011. Pincehely   5, 25 kg

Some excellent stags of the last few years from  Pincehely and Németkér Hunting Grounds

2007. Németkér   11, 46 kg

2007. Pincehely   10, 95 kg

2008. Pincehely   10, 30 kg

2009. Pincehely   11, 09 kg

2015. Németkér   11, 34 kg 

2017. Németkér   12, 48 kg

2017. Pincehely   13, 14 kg

All our hunting lodges and fishing huts are located in beautiful woodland environments and we are ready to receive both hunter, angler and non-hunting clients for a calm and resting recreation. We regularly provide our services housing company events, business lunches or dinners and 1-3 day-long trainings as well. The professional cooks specialties are the traditional Hungarian dishes and the dishes made from local venison, but of course our kitchens are well-equipped for other requests as well. For the great and special dishes we serve the best Hungarian wines from the best local wineries.