Our Fishing Lakes


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       We know that to fish is more than catching fishes. It is active resting and relaxing in the amazingly beautiful nature. That was the reason why we have choosed to build our intimate fishing huts in the middle of the legendary famous Gyulaj forest. These fishing huts offer unforgettable experiences for the outdoor lovers as well as their family. Indeed even before we arrive there we get through breathtaking and world famous woods and fields, no matter what the weather looks like because of the tarmac road.

There are two fishing lakes here. At both lakes there is one- one wooden log fishing huts. Fishing guests’ calm is guarenteed by our fishing regulation which says that to fish is allowed only for our lodging guests. In the „old hut” what can be found by the Northern lake’s shore there are 3 double bedrooms. In the  „new hut” what can be found by the Southern lake’s shore there are 2 double bedrooms and 2 single bedrooms. In both huts there are 2 spare beds in each living rooms. Of course in both huts there is a kitchen and bathroom.


Especially the Northern lake has an excellent quality wels catfish (Silurus glanis) population both in quantity and size. In the Southern lake there are plenty of northern pikes (Esox lucius).


Besides the exciting fishing the lakes give more. When the night falls the view of herds of fallow deers and wild boars as well as the sneaking red foxes provide You and your family unforgetable memories.



Really near to the fishing lodges are located the Gyulaj Co’s 1st and 2nd class Óbirod hunting lodges to satisfy our guests’ higher needs and standards. So in this hunting lodges we welcome not only hunters any more, but we gladly welcome fishing guests, outdoors lovers and business groups as well as their families.





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Obirod Fishing Lakes from the air 


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Excellent fishing opportunities in the heart of Gyulaj reserve




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Just by the shore of the lake we built this wooden log fishing hut. In the hut there are 3 double bedrooms. The TV- equipped hall of the building is also perfect to receieve guests, visitors during your fishing holiday. Around the hut almost every nights dozens of fallow deers appear at the lake as they come to drink and graze. Also some wild boar families can be easily seen in dawns or dusks.



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This hunting lodge is a perfect choice for the anglers and outdoor lovers who like to stay in lodges and guest houses with higher comfort level. In this lodge ther are 6 double bedrooms. For each bedrooms a bathroom belongs. For this lodge also a 1st class kitchen and bar belongs to provide the best meals and services in the area.


In the belonging lake many of different sizes carps (Cyprinus carpio) can be caught, even older and bigger ones too.  




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This magnificent small lake has made in our Annafürdő Parkforest by making a dam in Kőris- valley. Because of the surrounded forest covered steep slopes this small lake looks an Alpin-like mountain lake.







Compare to its small dimensions this lake is quite deep. In some places the depth can be more than 5 metres. This lake also has its own regulation which says only our lodging guests can angling ont he lake. We have two facilites near to the lake, the „village- house” and the renewed and beautiful big guesthouse. In both houses are ready to receive families or friend groups to stay, having a meeting or just relaxing by enjoying the calmness and angling experiences.


Angling can be done from 1 April to 30 September.