Óbiród Hunting Lodge

HOW TO GET TO ÓBIRÓD: Please do NOT follow your GPS navigations, because several nav. systems take you to off-roar and you are almost guaranteed to get stuck! If you are using car nav.system, please enter "TAMÁSI, MIKLÓSVÁRI UTCA", then drive to the end of the street, passing by a small lake, until you reach the 24hr security gate of the Miklósvár Wildlife Park. At the gate please tell you arrived to hunt in Óbiród. Passing through the gate, you must stay on the asphalt road (~10-11km drive mainly in forestlands), do not leave the road, until you reach the wooden sign indicating Óbiród, i.e. until you arrive.

Two hunting lodges just next to each other with the highest standards of hospitality. Air conditioned dinning room, wooden indoor sauna, etc. 

This two lodges was one of the favourite lodges of the top politicians of the Communist Party of Hungary as well as some previous counts and politicians

In Octobers the rutting sound of fallow deers is always heard from the surrounding woods giving unforgettable memories of our clients.


Short film of the beauty of the Óbiród Hunting Lodge and its environment:

Some pictures of the interior of Óbiród Hunting Lodges:





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