Hőgyész Forestry Office

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Hőgyész Forestry Office

Address: Gyulaj Zrt. - Hőgyészi Erdészet

Dózsa Gy. u. 1/A., HOGYESZ, H - 7191, Hungary (EU)

Tel:  0036-74-588-015

Fax: 0036-74-588-015

e-mail: hogyesz at gyulajzrt.hu



The Hőgyész Forestry of Gyulaj Co practices professional forest management on ~ 5.300 hectare (~13.100 acres) woodlands. The forestry's area is located in the south-eastern part of Tolna county. The forestry has a really varied picture as the precipitation distribution is really varied. This area has the best features and site factors for the successful forest management. As the result of the global warming and climate change we expect failure of the site factors in the future as well as the decline of land area of the beech, sessile oak and mixed hornbeam- oak stands.

The Hőgyész Forestry manages the wildlife on a 8.300 hectares (~ 20.500 acres) excellent quality, special function hunting ground, called the Hőgyész Hunting Ground. The red deer population is one of the bests in Hungary. The experts of the forestry office run 3 wild boar enclosures specially designed for winter driven hunts. Many of the tuskers are nice, old tuskers with excellent tusks.

The annual big game harvest of this forestry is: 140 red deers, 400 wild boars and 40 roe deers.