Gyulaj Zrt.'s English website is now under a new name

Posted on 12/12/2022

From December 2022, the English language site of Gyulaj Zrt., which has been running under the domain name, will be available under a new domain name; It is shorter and much easier to remember compare to the previous name. In addition to this simplification and clarification, another reason for the change is that the unethical market competition in the international cyberspace. Some unethical investors bid for the domain names of established, operating websites in accordance with their own interests. The given name is then offered to its original owner for re-purchase at an increased price, but Gyulaj Zrt. does not wish to take advantage of this.

Please note that from now on, Gyulaj Zrt. assumes no responsibility for the content of!

Our English-language content can be accessed from here on Enjoy surfing on!