Great red stag season at Gyulaj Zrt.

Posted on 10/03/2017

We had a great red stag season this year. The number and the quality of the shot stags' trophies are breaking records of the past decades. 51 red stags were shot so far and the average trophy weight of the was 8.08 kg. The heaviest trophy was 13.14kg shot by a Swedish client, the second heaviest was 12.48kg from Bikács-Kistápé. The heaviest Hőgyész stag was 11.40kg this year. The world class 13.14kg stag received 241,62 CIC point and gold medal of course.

9.32kg red stag from Hőgyész  11.40kg from Hőgyész Canadian hunter in Bikács-Kistápé with a 9kg stag  12,48kg from Bikács-Kistápé 13.14kg from Kisszékely Hunting Ground