Kisszékely Guest House


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Imagine a picturesque hidden village far from any cities or bigger towns. That village is Kisszékely, and our Kisszékely Guest House is located even more far from the city or village noises as it is not located in the village but near to the village. Just next to the guest house a small lake can be found which can be used for fishing only by our lodging guests so the calmness is guaranteed. In each spring we introduce fish in the lake to provide many catches for an exciting fishing. Mainly we introduce the popular fish, carp what is one of the most favourite species of many anglers.

In the house there are 6 double rooms and in each room there is a minibar. The huge hall provides a great place for an intimate evening with its indoor fireplace, hearth. In the building we provide free wireless internet access and mobile signal powered by T-Systems.

Example programme: 3 days with 3 nights with an interesting programme schedule, such as walking tour in the wildlife park, big game trophy exhibition, big game observing in nightfall, winetour in the nearby Nagyszékely village, bike tour, visiting the local folk-house and horse carriage riding in the forest.

0) 36 - 74 - 403 - 277