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English Language Hunting Brochure

The Gyulaj Forestry & Hunting Plc. (Gyulaj Plc or Gyulaj Erdeszeti es Vadaszati Zrt.) has been operating as 100% state owned Private Limited Company firm since 2005. Of course the history of Gyulaj Plc and previous predecessor companies have more than 200 years hunting historical background. After the general state takeover of the private properties and lands, in Tolna county the two state forestry and hunting companies, the Tolna County State Forestry and the Gyulaj Game Farm joined together in one company in the '60s. Since 1993 the Gyulaj Plc has been operating with this same name. Currently we manage the wildlife on almost 30.000 hectares (~71.700 acres). We practice traditional, near-nature big game management on four different hunting grounds with special  functions. Each of our hunting grounds have their own, individual hunting- historical background.

Hőgyész Hunting Ground:

Even in the royal correspondes of the 12th century the Hőgyész ermine breeding and hunting was worth to mention. In the 18-19th century on this beautiful forest covered area a high quality free range and enclosure wildlife management and hunting tradition came into being by the landowners, the Count Apponyi- and Liechtenstein family. As the result of their excellent management in 1930 a legendary, extremely wide spreaded trophy, the „Hőgyész- Hungarian ox” was taken here by a British nobleman. This wonderful 10,60 kg trophy still can be viewed in the Hungarian National Musem in Budapest, Hungary as one of the first, Hungarian legendary big game trophy of the world.


The legendary 1930 extremely wide spreaded red stag, the "Hőgyész- Hungarian Ox"

Gyulaj Hunting Ground:

The main attraction of this magnificent hunting ground is the worldwide known Gyulaj fallow deer population. The fallow deer has been forced out of Europe by the latest ice age and then has been re-introduced in the following era. The first written memories about this great fallow buck population is from the early 18th century, but it is believed that the species were already here much earlier.

The golden age of the local history and hunting was the era of the Esterhazy- family in the 17- 18th century. Because of the two big area enclosures (fenced area designed specially for hunting activities) fenced around by tall brickwalls and the well organized 2-3 weeks noble „Ozora” huntings the local wildlife management and huntings became worldwide famous. To describe this huntings we have to use incredible big numbers. Each days of the driven hunts 6.000 beaters got together from the local villages supervised and led by more than 200 professional hunters and staff. The result of this driven hunts were thousands of taken big games; red deers, fallow deers, roe deers, wild boars, foxes, wolves, etc.Image removed.


Because of the high quantity of the big games,the huge agricultural and financial damage what they caused and to protect the genetical excellence of the population, a decision was made to fence around the entire hunting ground.



To prove the real excellence of this fallow deer population needs nothing to say only mention the 5 world record trophies of the legendary Gyulaj hunting ground.









Four C.I.C. world record trophies of the Gyulaj Plc's five ones 

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The legendary '72 CIC world record fallow buck in a Hungarian trophy exhibition, in 2011

Kisszékely Hunting Ground: 

This excellent hunting ground as land was private property till the end of the WWII. At that time the wildlife and land management was the responsibility of the owner, the well possessed Budapest resident factory and tan yard owner, the Fried- family. After the general state takeover of the private properties and lands on this hunting ground was managed by different hunting societies. The first fallow deer reintroducing was arranged and done by them in 1970- 1971. The reintroduced fallow deers were taken here from the Gyulaj population. The Gyulaj Co. has been managing this hunting ground since 1997. Now, we can proudly say; in every seasons this valuable hunting ground bears splendid red stag and fallow buck trophies.

Némeskér Hunting Ground: 

A special hunting ground with really special historical and hunting background. The hunting ground spreads in flat, sandy bed of an ancient huge river and watercourse, called „Sárvíz”. The speciality of this hunting hunting ground is till the ’60s this flat area was mainly agricultural area with only small game species. The only one big game was the roe deer at that time. After the ’60s a great dimension afforestation project began on this territory. Most of the afforested wood stands were pine and poplar stands giving the territory a special landscape.

By the result of it the area naturally became a good big game hunting ground. The first red deer was taken in 1958. In the last 50 years as the result of our thoughtful wildlife and habitat management we could naturalize and raise a valuable red deer population here. As the woodland coverage grew in this territory the wild boars appeared in natural way first in the dense, young woods. Since that time the local wild boar population is stronger than ever both in quality and quantity.