Annafürdő Guest House


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One of our undiscovered pearl located on the southern hills of Tolna- ridge. This magnificent place near to Lengyel village used to be on of the most favourites of the Count Apponyi's. The place is located in beautiful woodland environment, surrrounded with natural forests. In the middle of a beautiful 100 hectares (~ 250 acres) parkforest managed by specially near-nature management and technologies there is the the legendary Anna- spring amoung old, giant trees. This spring provides constant water for the Kőris-Valley creek as well as for the recreational small lake deep in the woods. Around the Anna-spring in the last few years we renewed all of the old, local buildings and create the Tourist & Nature Education Centre to support the recreation of our visitors. Nowadays this small place became big and famous by its reputation among the outdoor lovers and ecotourists. In this parkforest our visitors can enjoy the small, but beautiful recreational lake with some boats to boating, the rent-a-bike service, our wildlife park which is the most famous among the children and families, study trails, open air fireplace for an intimate evening or a friendly BBQ, a look-out tower to see the beauty of the forest covered hills and slopes, hidden places for taking rest during your hikes. These all we made to provide as much as we can for a lovely weekend to refill the body & soul. Our professional hike- guides are ready to provide natural and cultural programmes for families, friend- groups or individual visitors. All the renewed buildings are made with environment friendly technology and materials, so during the staying our visitors have chance to get to know the latest green technologies from the biological waste-water management to the sun collectors and local windmails.

One of our most popular programme is the bike-tour from Annafürdő to the "Szentkút EcoSchack". At the shack the visitors have opportunity to see and to try how to make traditional home mad bread in authentic traditional indoor beehive oven.

In both buildings we provide free wireless internet access.



Our latest renewed building was actually rebuilt by huge logs of old larches (Larix sp.). The result is a beautiful 2 storied building with 3 double bedrooms with bathrooms. For the bedrooms a nice apartmant-style kitchen belongs providing great opportunities for a family or a friend week with cooking. In upstairs there is an educational, nature exhibition. This house provides great opportunity for a recreational trip or to taste the rich tastes of local wines.



Just next to the the log house there is the Forest School building. This old fashioned, tradtional building provides place for up to 43 persons with a free use kitchen and 1-1 separeted big bathroom for women and men. We recommend it to rent for bigger friend or company groups for team building events and parties as well as school classes or reunions. During the days we can provide interesting outdoor programmes enjoyable for both adults and children.