Accessible hunting

At Gyulaj Plc we believe that hunting is for all enthusiasts no matter if they can't walk on their feet. We would like to provide the unforgetable experience what the legendary Gyulaj hunting ground can provide in the main fallow buck rut season for hunters with wheelchaires too. Our specially modified pick up truck, the hunting lodge's room and the special onsite, ground equipments we built for our clients provide the same, great hunting experience for the hunters with physical disabilities.

The unforgetable fallow buck hunting experience in Gyulaj:

Gyulaj hunts from the 18th CenturyThe area itself has been an ancient hunting land for hundreds of years. The main attraction of Gyulaj has always been the legendary 18th century big game driven hunts, shooting thousands of fallow deers, red deers, wild boars, wolves and lynxes within 1-2 weeks. 

The 1923 WR Rimler-buck

In these grandious hunts ~12.000 local people were employed for driving the games towards the hunters in each hunts. By the 19th century the importance of the grandious numbers of shot games reduced and the trophy quality became more important than ever before. The Gyulaj, world class genetical power of the fallow bucks and their great antlers (palms) got big echo among the international hunters, when in 1923 the first CIC world record fallow buck was baged by the local chief ranger. And more WR's followed the first one. 1965, 1969, 1970 and 1972. The last one (so far) kept its first place on the CIC ranklist for 20 years. 

The modified pick up truckThis is the deep historical and hunting heritage what we would like to share with our fellow hunters living with physical disabilities.

Stabilizing the wheelchair on the truck

To provide them the same hunting experience we modified one of our pick up truck to be able to move the hunters in his/her wheelchair. From the special ramp we built

(located  next to the hunting lodge), the hunter can roll up to the bed easily with some help. After fixing the wheelchair for the safety drive, the hunt can be started! The special tent on the pick up bed provides shelter to the hunter from the wind and rain, but it is transparent, easy to see through.

When the truck arrives to the place of the hunt, the hunter can roll down from the bed by using the same system ramp. The special, plastic path can make the approach of the hide easy in almost any weather circumstances.

On the ground with the professional guide's help they can approach the specially designed on-ground hide/low seat. It has been built big enough to be able to give hide the wheelchair hunter and his/her guide. 

We built this equipment in one of the best ruting place of Gyulaj, providing the best possible experience for our clients. No additional extra or hidden costs, just pure hunting experience! This is what we provide for our hunting clients.  


Shootable species:

-  fallow buck (+ wild boar + red fox + golden jackal). The main attraction is the rutting fallow buck, but with hunter's luck appearing wild boars, red foxes or with special luck golden jackals can be bagged.

On the truck  On the way to the ground blind  In the blind  The quarry

Videos of the specialized hunting equipments and hunts of Gyulaj Plc: